Pûrflexion Pilates is a contemporary Pilates studio offering professional instruction to those seeking the balance of mind and body.

Pilates Benefits

The Pilates Sessions

I want to share my personal Pilates experience and some knowledge about Pilates. I’d been to the gym, tried every low impact exercise, yoga, a personal trainer, cross fit, boot camp, you name it. Once I tried my first Pilates class I was immediately hooked. Things began to happen to my body in just a short amount of time. In the beginning, most of my classes were a reformer (specialized equipment used for Pilates) based group class which was great to show me some of the basics that at the time I may not have been physically able to do on a mat. I’ve seen 70 year old women with rockin bodies in my Pilates classes. Likewise I’ve seen men in their 70’s in my Pilates classes that have more flexibility than some men in their 20’s. Each class had a variety of shapes, sizes and ages. Because Pilates is low impact it allows anyone to join in. Here is the common thread I’ve discovered from speaking to anyone that does Pilates:

Results do come quickly

I read some of his books and Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” That is exactly how I felt. I couldn’t explain it any clearer if I tried. It’s strange how an exercise created by a man could be so perfect for this woman. Within a few reformer sessions I felt more flexible and stronger. The best motivator to stick with something is seeing results and continuing to see them time after time. It’s the most common reason we give up our exercise regimens…we don’t see results. Pilates is designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and you will feel the toning come quickly without the bulk.

The belly connection

I never really could engage my core or understand how to get that belly connection. In Pilates you’ll find your belly connection in numerous ways and learn to engage it. Engaging the abs is good for everyday activities like lifting kids, lifting groceries or even standing.
Flattening your belly
Who doesn’t want a flatter belly? There is so much emphasis on the powerhouse in Pilates and the flattening is just a given. It will happen. If it’s the hundreds or just always having your core engaged the entire time you work out the belly WILL flatten.

Thigh slimming

I am one of those girls that carries the weight in my thighs. Finally, they are slimming. Pilates focuses on the powerhouse that is your abs, your shoulders, the pelvis, inner and outer thighs. The box from your collarbone to your knees had a trouble spot for everyone. The first place I noticed change was my thighs. My hips were so tight from sitting at a desk for years. They loosened and started to slim each and every time I completed a Pilates workout.

Posture improvements

You’ll use muscles you haven’t used in years. Even those with back problems, knee problems etc. there is a modification for each exercise to help each person be able to reach their fitness levels. The body has so many tiny muscles that support the spine deep inside the core. One of the six principals of Pilates is centering. Meaning that strength comes from the inside out. Every movement should begin from the core and flow out. Performing movements in this way strengthens the deep muscles in your abdomen, lower back and pelvic floor and provides the rest of your body with the stability it needs to function effectively. Injuries and poor posture impact our ability to stand up straight or sit for too long. Pilates lengthens and strengthens those muscles and so if you have a regular Pilate’s regimen you’ll be able to do things longer and with more ease than you have in years.

Ease of exercise

I always say I can do a 55 minute Pilates session and still look and smell good enough to go to Target without taking a shower. Doing Pilates, strengthening your powerhouse and controlling your breathing makes doing everything else easier. If you’re bending over the bathtub to give it a scrub or taking a little jog on the treadmill it will be easier once you’ve learned to control your breathing and engage your powerhouse. Control is one of the primary principles of Pilates. You’ll practice controlling your breathing and concentration and have it mastered in no time. Those two principals are the key to success in any exercise. The breathing techniques fully oxygenate your blood and help lower stress and blood pressure. This in turn will increase your energy levels, metabolism and stamina.