Pûrflexion Pilates is a contemporary Pilates studio offering professional instruction to those seeking a balance of mind and body.

Pilates Benefits

Purflexion Story

“The Pilates method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy”- Joseph Pilates

I found Pilates out of necessity. After losing my Mother at a young age due to obesity-related issues I knew I needed to get my health under control. I worked very hard on my fitness goals and became a runner. While running the Route 66 in 2014, I tore the labrum in my hip. Through my doctor’s visits and tests, it was discovered that I had a deformity in my hip. I began Pilates as a way to rehab after surgery to repair my hip.

After just a few sessions on the reformer, I was hooked. I experienced soreness in places that I didn’t know could get sore. Before Pilates, I felt that I was in fairly good shape, but my body was responding so quickly to the movements and changing with every session. I had so much improvement in my core it was shocking to me. I never had a strong core and I am thrilled with how my core is now.

The improvements to my body were incredible and the movements made sense to me. Back pain was lessened, flexibility was increased, muscles toned and inches lost. Within 3 months of starting my Pilates practice, I knew I had found the answer for my fitness regimen for the rest of my life and was in training to become an instructor. I love every aspect of the training and I was like a sponge and took in all the information I could about Pilates and the man that invented it. I love that it has been around for more than a hundred years and is a proven fitness system. I love that it was started for rehab but is used for muscle toning and development. Pilates is perfect for any level of fitness, from the true beginner to a seasoned athlete, it is so inclusive and I love teaching it. I feel like I’m sharing a secret or a gift.

The best part of the story is how Pilates helped with the rehab. My hip could not be saved and I had to have it replaced in 2016 but because I had been working on the reformer my recovery was “easy”. My doctors and physical therapists were amazed, and 5 weeks after surgery I was back on the reformer and teaching sessions. I now have full range in my hip and no limitations. Joseph’s Philosophy is “change happens through movement and movement heals” and this is reflected in my journey.

I love sharing Pilates with others and helping them to see how they can improve their bodies through the controlled movements. I continuously study to make my personal practice and the experience for my clients better every time I teach. I study bodies and learn how I can help my clients improve their posture, abilities and strengths so that they can live life to the fullest.
In the three years that I have been teaching, I have taught many challenging clients with various dysfunctions and fitness goals. Every person I have met could be helped in some way by Pilates. I want my sessions to be challenging but fun. I want to help others meet their goals and develop a lifetime of fitness.

The best part of joining of Purflexion for me is teaching Pilates to those that are curious about what their bodies can do and staying true to Joseph Pilates teachings. My training has included both classical and modern Pilates on the Mat, reformer, chair and all other apparatus for a complete experience.
Purflexion Pilates is about improving your whole life through controlled movement and body awareness without regard to gender, age or fitness level.