Pûrflexion Pilates

Pûrflexion Pilates is a studio focused on classical Pilates introduced by Joseph Pilates as Contrology. The benefits of Pilates are endless. It reduces stress, helps you sleep better, creates awareness of your body and breathing, minimizes strength training injuries, increases your energy levels, improves balance, flexibility and coordination and can be a therapeutic approach to many chronic ailments. Pilates exercise strengthens and tones your body while focusing on alignment, form and breath. Classical Pilates doesn’t have a lot of loud music or fast pace and you won’t leave looking like you’ve been to the gym, unless you want to. All shapes, sizes and skill levels have a place in our Pilates studio.


Pûrflexion Pilates is a classical Pilates studio offering professional instruction to those seeking to gain strength in the core and spine and long lean muscle.

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Everyone was a beginner at one time, so if you’ve never done Pilates before that’s ok too. For beginners, we suggest starting out in a beginner class or in a few private sessions where we can customize a workout just for you. You may have been to Pilates before but don’t enjoy group workouts or need some one on one attention. Our private sessions are perfect for you. We even offer duos is you want to bring a friend or spouse.

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Pilates Fundamentals


You’ll do exercises to understand how to breathe and how to feel whether your powerhouse is engaged, how to imprint your spine and much more.

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Groups or Privates


We offer group classes on the mat or on the reformer based on your individual needs or preferences. Initial private sessions can help us identify any limitations you may have and help tailor a session based on your abilities.


Pûrflexion Pilates is an elite studio that offers elegance but an at home feel. We also offer esthetician services such as lash lift and tint, waxing and customized facials. Not only will you look beautiful you’ll feel beautiful.

Adaptable To Any Fitness Level

It can be done whether you are a senior who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis or a professional athlete who is accustomed to intense sessions.

Weight Loss

Doing Pilates helps build lean muscles and will stimulate your metabolism. By increasing metabolic activities, you will be able to decrease your body fat by burning calories faster and losing weight.

Enhances Mind/Body Connection

All forms of exercise help to release feel good hormones to relieve stress, and the same is true for Pilates. Pilates helps you be more conscious of your muscles and teaches you how to control them, so you have better posture and a longer leaner body.

Low Impact

Pilates offers an intense muscular workout with virtually no jumping up and down or running but a focus on core strength. Core strength is extra helpful for back injuries, pregnant women and new moms. The fluidity of motion and precision of exercises that Pilates requires translates into a gentle low-impact workout that you can do sitting or lying down.


Probably the most important reason to do Pilates is because it works! It will tone and sculpt your muscles; muscles you didn’t even realize you had. Like an inner girdle it “scoops” everything in.

Increased Flexibility

Being flexible is an integral part of everyday life – from looking over your shoulder while driving to putting on your shoes. Sitting at desks and past injuries can lead to muscle imbalance. Pilates increases flexibility of tight muscles and strengthens them.



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